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Accounting and Controllership

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Accounting services involves the registration and analysis of all financial transactions, account reconciliation, adjustments and reclassification and the issuance of periodic financial statements (monthly and year end). It includes the analysis of major accounts such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets management, etc. This is a step up from bookkeeping.
Controllership Services consist of the detailed analysis of the financial statement and its components. What is the difference between accounting and controllership services? The roll of a comptroller in an organization is very important because it oversees the quality of the accounting and financial reporting. When you suscribe to this service, one of our staff accountants will be dedicated to oversee the accounting process in the business cycle and will use financial tools to analyze your business financial behavior during the year and will be able to predict future behavior in all areas that requiere your attention.
In our firm, we offer these two levels of services for all businesses. As a business owner, its is very important to understand your financial statements and your business financial position.  Let us help you! A clean understandng of these services can help to take  key business decisions and improve your profits.
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